Family Meal Deal

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  • Finding yourself too busy to cook for the family, much less for yourself? This meal deal is the solution. Choose 5 lunches and 1 family dinner (serves 8) to stock your fridge and set yourself up for success this week. Family dinners come with a healthy side for a complete dinner that's not only delicious, but also nutritious and kid-friendly! Win-Win! 

  • Individual Meals
    Individual meals serve 1, are fully prepared with labeled nutrition information and instructions for easy reheating. 

    Portobello Pear Salad: Balsamic-marinated grilled pears and portobello 'steak' strips are served atop a bed of fresh greens with marinated red onions, toasted walnuts, and crispy cucumbers. Served with our House-made Balsamic dressing.

    Cals: 405 Fat: 18g Carbs: 28g Protein: 9g (vegan option only)
    Butter Curry:
    Your choice of grilled chicken or marinated tofu in our classic butter curry sauce. Served with sides of jasmine rice and roasted broccoli, then topped with fresh herbs.
    Chicken- Cals: 424 Fat: 30g Carbs: 10g Protein: 31g
    Vegan Option- Cals: 382 Fat: 30g Carbs: 16g Protein: 16g

    Stuffed Peppers: This heart-warming, low carb, gluten-friendly dish is perfect for this fall weather! Locally sourced green peppers are stuffed with your choice of turkey sausage or vegan sausage, fresh herbs, mushrooms, our delicious house red sauce, and brown rice. Topped with cheddar or our house made dairy-free cashew cheese. Each order comes with 2 stuffed peppers.
    Turkey: Cals: 495 Fat: 13g Carbs: 27g Protein: 38g
    Vegan: Cals: 421 Fat: 14g Carbs: 21g Protein: 28g
    Lettuce Wraps: Your choice of plant-based ground or ground chicken, with diced bell peppers and green onions in our house-made chili garlic sauce. Served with large lettuce leaves, then topped with fresh herbs and sesame seeds. .
    Chicken: Cals: 536 Fat: 23g Carbs: 29g Protein: 50g

    Vegan: Cals: 441 Fat: 14g Carbs: 32g Protein: 22g
    Fajita Bowl: Your choice of grilled chicken or Portobello steak strips sautéed with fajita peppers and red onions in our house made fajita marinade. Served over cilantro-lime rice.
    Chicken: Cals: 412 Fat: 13g Carbs: 35g Protein: 30g

    Mushroom (V): Cals: 408 Fat: 1g Carbs: 35g Protein: 32g
    Zucchini Alfredo: This fun dish incorporates all the flavors of a rich Alfredo, without the added fat and carbs! Leaving you feeling full of energy and ready to tackle the day.

    Your choice of grilled chicken or Seitan Chik'n (v) strips atop a bed of spiralized zucchini noodles, tossed in our delicious, creamy cashew Alfredo. With roasted broccoli and red pepper flakes, topped with toasted walnut parmesan.

    Chicken: Cals: 436 Fat: 23g Carbs: 17g Protein: 50g
    Vegan: Cals: 421 Fat: 14g Carbs: 21g Protein: 38g

    Buffalo Chicken Salad: This salad is one of our Chef's favorites! The classic buffalo chicken dip flavors you love, on a salad with lightened-up ingredients!

    Your choice of chickpeas or shredded chicken, mixed with creamy dairy-free ranch and buffalo sauce, with crunchy celery and carrot pieces, fresh herbs and seasonings. Served atop a bed of fresh local greens and more of our Signature dairy-free ranch dressing.

    Chicken: Cals: 409 Fat: 7g Carbs: 11g Protein: 38g
    Vegan: Cals: 401 Fat: 15g Carbs: 31g Protein: 18g
    Cilantro Lime Chicken: Your choice of delicious, juicy chicken or Seitan Chik'n thighs (vegan) marinated in our cilantro lime sauce and cooked to perfection. Served with cilantro-lime cauliflower rice and cumin black beans.
    Chicken: Cals: 516 Fat: 20g Carbs: 39g Protein: 32g
    Vegan: Cals: 496 Fat: 12g Carbs: 41g Protein: 26g

    Family size meals serve at least 8 people and include a family size side. They are fully prepared upon delivery, with nutrition labels and easy reheating instructions. Don't forget to add a few a la carte sides from our shop!

    White Chicken Chili: This kid favorite serves up to 8 people. This delicious lightened-up version of classic White Chicken Chili is so warm and comforting- it's hard to believe it's actually healthy! Onions, celery, carrots and green chilies are slow cooked in our house made broth, with fresh herbs, chili spices, white beans and sweet corn. The soup comes with your choice of locally-sourced chicken or house-made Chik'n Seitan (vegan), and is thickened into a delicious, high protein, creamy and hearty soup that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Served with fresh, house made cornbread. Dairy Free and Gluten Friendly. *includes nuts (cashew cream)*

    Vegan Chik’n: Cals: 476 Fat: 32g Carbs: 68g Protein: 30g

    Chicken Option: Cals: 506 Fat: 29g Carbs: 45g Protein: 45g

    Mama Bird’s Lasagna: Served with a classic house salad and signature house dressing.

    Classic version- This kid favorite serves up to 12 people. Lasagna noodles are filled with ground turkey sausage, ricotta, mozzarella and herb mixture. Rolled into 12 rolls, drizzled with our house made red sauce and topped with fresh herbs and cheese.*contains egg*

    Vegan version Serves 12 people- This savory vegan twist on the classic includes layers of plant sausage (vegan), roasted red peppers, marinated eggplant slices, vegan mozzarella cheese and our signature 2 Birds dairy-free Bechamel. Drizzled with our house made red sauce and topped with fresh herbs.

    Turkey option: Cals: 333 Fat: 10g Carbs: 28g Protein: 21g

    Vegan: Cals: 380 Fat: 12g Carbs: 43g Protein: 19g




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